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All Along the Watchtower

(Bob Dylan)

From the album: John Wesley Harding (1968)

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Kevin The songs roots are biblical. I think the watchtower comes from the book of Isaiah. The young mind of the joker colliding with the life experiences absorbed by the good thief- changes the way you look at the world... and for the better. Well, that's what I see anyway. May 19, 2011
Chris Stone this is not my own interpretation but I think it is valid. The song is a conversation between Bob Dylan and Alan Ginsberg. The last verse is the the first verse, Two riders (writers) were approaching. The Wind began to Howl. Blowing in the Wind introduced Dylan to fame and Howl did the same for Alan. Ginsberg is advising Dylan how to deal with fame and art. Jan 02, 2010
Diana Bob apparently got this one straight from the Bible but it is very good, although not one of my very favorites. Sep 15, 2009
Austin from Boston Just a faboulous song and amazing lyrics. All versions are great, especially hendrix's which is bone chilling! Apr 02, 2006
Matthew Simply put, the single greatest rock song ever written. It can be performed by almost anyone, and it is stunning. So simple; so complex, both lyrically and melodically. Dylan obviously wrote more complicated, grandiose songs, and some are "better" for that virture (although few could honestly be called "rock'n'roll"). This can, and it's beyond perfect. Nov 25, 2005
Nina Nothing nothing nothing compares to his own version of this. I defy anyone not to be chilled to the bone by the time you hear Dylan's voice warning of the approaching riders, and the howling wind. May 13, 2005
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