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Positively 4th Street

(Bob Dylan)

From the album: Greatest Hits (1967)
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"Highway 61 Revisited" outtake


roger Punk rock never ever wrote an angrier song. May 20, 2011
r.bard positively wonderful,timeless,unafraid to be brutally honest song,love the organ riff,a delight to hear on the radio [or anywhere ! ] Dec 20, 2007
Larry The ultimate rock attitude May 05, 2007
Lee his friggin best piece of work. ok... let me think about this again... Jan 22, 2007
andrew mccoy nah this is defo about a woman only woman can make uyou feel that angry and i dont agrre with the person who said he was immature i would call it a fighting spirit Sep 15, 2006
Dave W This song, more than any other, continues to have a meaning and freshness to it that goes unspoiled. It's the ultimate "screw you" to the people you see strutting around town. Very naked, very real and intelligent and always a welcomed surprise on the radio. May 27, 2006
jenny kelly I became aware of human betrayal when i was very young & that is magnficently portrayed in this masterpiece Apr 11, 2006
Isis One of the very few numbers from the 60s I don't like. Dylan at his most immature and obnoxious. Mar 14, 2006
Bill Cohen Wonderful sarcastic song regarding the effects of betrayal. "You've got a lot of nerve to say that you're my friend when all you wanted to do is hurt me." Dylan being very angry, with stinging lyrics. Jan 27, 2006
andrew mccoy i love this song dylan at his snarling hatefull best (if for just one time i could be in your shoes and you would be in mine you would know what a drag it is to see you) another f u to press and garbage raiding house breaking stalker fans who made his life a complete hell or maybe its about a woman love it Dec 06, 2005
steve hughes one of the greatest "put down" songs ever.dylan at his most caustic,and what a great last line! Jun 25, 2005
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