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Tomorrow Is a Long Time [Live]

(Bob Dylan)

From the album: Bob Dylan's Greatest Hits, Vol. 2 (1971)

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originally recorded in 1970, "New Morning" outtake


burritobrother If you haven't heard Elvis Presley's version of this (from 1966) you absolutely must. There's some live versions but get the studio take. It's a beautiful rendition of a sadly overlooked song. Jan 13, 2008
David Dixon I haven't owned (of listened to) Greatest Hits II since 1975. This was a song I had forgotten. I heard a group called Nickel Creek singing it on NPR one night, and I was struck by the gorgeous melody that seemed so familiar. My 9-year old daughter was in the car with me, and she also commented on the pretty song. I said, "I think it's a Bob Dylan song." Sure enough, it is. I don't remember what I thought of it in 1975, but now I can't speak highly enough of the wistful, longing beauty of this song. I found a CD that circulates under the name of "Les Bon Moments," (highlights of the 1997-98 winter tour)which contains Tomorrow. It is an altogether wonderful rendition. I've played it 5 or 6 times in a row several times. What a delightful discovery. Dec 20, 2007
Dianne This song captures the utter heartache and complete inability to accept the death of a relationship. You become invisible, unable to find solace in anything, unable to sleep in your own bed because your love is no longer there. Jan 21, 2007
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