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Walls of Red Wing

(Bob Dylan)

From the album: The Bootleg Series Vol. 1-3 (1991)

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Mac A book entitled:Red Wing, A Year And A Day (Norsky Publishing) seems to negate the observation that Dylan never actually spent time in that juvenile institution. According to its author (Larry Haugen), Dylan was actually incarcerated there for a short time in 1958. A rather short chapter in his book details that period of time. Dec 21, 2007
Bill Cohen To me, this has been a powerful song. Redwing is a Juvenile correctional facility in Minnesota. It is otherwise known as a (juvie prison). The fact that Dylan was never personally an inmate at Redwing, he knows what happens to these kids. Having done a great deal of consulting at the prison systems in New Jersey, USA, the only chance to save these kids psychologically is at the facilities that serve youngsters. NJ State Home For Boys & State Home for Girls there is little encouragement to reform, irrespective of the fact that there are many trained psychologists and social workers employed there. In my experience, the kids are threatened by House Parents (guards), and terrorized with extended time of incarceration for the slightest infraction. The kids learn to hate the authority of the adult bullying and taunting. Irrespective of the institutions claim of "rehabilitation" I never saw much. As Dylan so skillfully points out, by and large, these kids are tortured mentally and abused phusically, and in some instances sexually "behind the wood pilin'". The recidivism rate is very high, and the abusive treatment, and lack of respect for these kids is pretty heartbreaking. Dylan is amazing in the sense that he does not actually have to be one of the inmates to be able to articulate exactly what goes on in thes facilities for children and adolescents. His brilliance and insight never fails to just grasp me. Sep 11, 2006
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Walls of Red Wing appears on these albums
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1991 The Bootleg Series Vol. 1-3
2000 The Essential Bob Dylan