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Under The Red Sky

(Bob Dylan)

From the album: Under The Red Sky (1990)

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Bill Cohen This is a tough song, a disturbing song. There was a little boy and a little girl who lived in an alley under the red sky. OK- thats fine! Then a man comes around who lives in the moon. He tells the little girl that one day everything will be new, and that she will have a diamond as big as a shoe. Pretty good so far..Then the wind blows high and the children are baked in a pie. Yea, and life is a blind horse that leads you around. Then the man went home, and the rivers ran dry. And that's life. Nothing is certain and nothing is what it seems to be. One day you are happy , living a childs life under the red sky, the next minute it can be gone, and everything can end. Blunt- bleak. It's almost, by way of crude analogy, that one day you are happy and have everything, just walking along dreaming of things to be, and are hit by a person who loses control of his truck. It is over, and you never know what hit you. Dylan takes nothing for granted. One minute you have it all, the next, there is nothing Feb 16, 2007
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