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High Water

(Bob Dylan)

From the album: Love And Theft (2001)

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For Charley Patton


Scott H Eerie, haunting, prophetic. In the vein of Blind Willie McTell and All Along The Watchtower. There's so much more here than meets the ear. This is one of those songs that make you think of Dylan as a modern form of Ezekiel or Isaiah. The phrasing at the end of the verse about Charles Darwin..."either one, I don't care..." is about as close to haunting perfection as is possible in a song. As great as you are, man, you'll never be greater than yourself. Indeed. Oct 05, 2011
Tom Not only the perfect Dylan song but the perfect song. Combines a Country-Blues sound with great lyrics. "We got Charles Darwin trapped out on Highway 5...." May 19, 2011
botticelli's nephew even better live! Apr 22, 2006
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