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Where Teardrops Fall

(Bob Dylan)

From the album: Oh Mercy (1989)

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John I think Jimmy Durante would've had a hit with this song. Apr 29, 2008
David Dixon The song speaks to me of prayer, perhaps of repentance and confession, as in the first verse of Every Grain of Sand. It speaks to me of a faith that continued long past the "gospel period." Dec 20, 2007
Bill Cohen I believe that the song " Where Teardrops Fall" was a ver personal song related to the death of Bob Dylan's father. In his book "Chronicles " he talks fondly about his father and his intense ability to work hard. It is traditional in the Jewish religion to tear ones clothes at the funeral of a parent. Dylan speaks of this in the song and notes his teardrops. He follows by sying that I'll come see you where teardrops fall. I think it has to do with visiting his fathers grave, and crying for his love and loss. The tearing of the clothes represents a tearing out of a piece of you when someone like a father or mother dies. It is a very agonizing experience. Apr 18, 2006
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