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What Was It You Wanted

(Bob Dylan)

From the album: Oh Mercy (1989)

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roger Willie Nelson's version knocks this song out of the park! Like so many versions of Dylan's songs, this was probably a throw away to him but Wille just has the right mentality and gravitas to pull it off. Great song, one of my favorites. May 20, 2011
Bill Cohen Nothing cuts quite so deep as Bob Dylan's sarcasm. He asks "What was it you wanted, when you gimme that kiss?" Dylan gets annoyed when some of the hangers on pander to him in order to appear to be one of his friends. He is very polite and would never say a word in public, but in his songs, he blasts the point across. His constant theme is that money and power does make you public property, and there is always some opportunist is going to use you as a famous entity, rather than as a person in his own right. As he tells us in his "Just Walking" song. Sorry lady - the garden is closed- I am not going to cut your grass, kiss your baby, or take a picture with you any more. I did it all. Now I need my privacy. With Dylan's songs there is no right or wrong. Everybody has their own perception. This is mine! Nov 21, 2006
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