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Shelter from the Storm [Live]

(Bob Dylan)

From the album: Bob Dylan Live 1961-2000 (2001)

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Nina On BOTT, this song is a secret. It is a secret I overhear through a door to a private room, a Do Not Disturb sign hanging from the doorknob.No one, I think--thought--can hear this but me. But here, this live version, he shouts his private secret from the rooftop. He shouts it, it's no longer a secret I and only I know, and that I have protected--I never betrayed this secret, but now you're shouting it to the whole world. And at first, hearing my secret shouted like this, I felt betrayed and violated. I felt violated! Me. just one of millions of anonymous listeners! I felt violated to hear him shout this song from the rooftop. And by the second verse, I was bent over by what I could hear it took for him to shout this out. May 19, 2005
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