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Shooting Star

(Bob Dylan)

From the album: Oh Mercy (1989)
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chris stone Great song Nov 25, 2009
littleboylost "Did I miss the mark, over step the line? That only you could see" Great line Apr 05, 2009
burritobrother 'Shooting Star'...one of Dylan's most heartfelt songs. I don't know why he wrote it, only what it's meant to me. And it means a great deal to me. Jan 13, 2008
Bill Cohen I think that this is a love song to his former wife Sara, and regret that they could not not make it as a stay at home married couple. He just couldn't be what she wanted him to be. He felt that if he did it, he would watch his senses die. There seems to be no question that he remains close with his former wife and children, as well as his brother and late mother. Irrespective of how much he loved, or loves her, he had to write, perform and be on the road. He said that touring was in his blood. Feb 03, 2006
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