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Workingman's Blues #2

(Bob Dylan)

From the album: Modern Times (2006)

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roger This is a song you play on Friday night after work right after you crack open a cold beer. You ask yourself, "Why do I do this shit." You cry and pop another one. May 20, 2011
outfidel i totally agree,meet me at the bottom that is where the world leaders have dragged us May 19, 2011
Bjorn Hallerod Just listen! May 19, 2011
Dennis Harvey This is another song where some verses are sung by you, some by Jesus. Our struggle is not against flesh and blood; we are at war with the Devil. We have the Armor of God so that we can stand firm when the Day of Evil comes. No one knows when that day will come, so you sleep in the kitchen with your feet in the hall and stay alert. Sep 08, 2010
Keith Geddes Listening to Dylan since 1967, this is close to the best thing he has ever recorded Oct 30, 2006
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2006 Modern Times

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