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Ain't Talkin'

(Bob Dylan)

From the album: Modern Times (2006)

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Kevin Bad-ass song. Never easy getting a hold of that gardener... he is as sneaky as he is relentless. Great end to a great album. May 19, 2011
Tom "No one is here, the gardner is gone." Wow! The outtake version has an equally great line: "I need to find a doctor in this town." May 19, 2011
Dennis Harvey The images and tone are certainly Apocalyptic. It may be Jesus the Avenger taking one last look for a righteous man before he says time's up, when the Gospel has been spread to the ends of the earth, to the last outback. The toothache in His heel comes from when He crushes the head of the Serpent. 'The gardener is gone' refers to Mary at the empty tomb. Sep 08, 2010
SLUMDOG Sorry..... Bill you are talking about Dylan as if he's Dead. I have seen him live every time he comes to Glasgow since 1991, and i'll tell you, there's more life in the old dog now than when i first saw him 18 years ago. Yes he says a lot in this album but i think he's still got plenty more to say. Don't be such a drama Queen! You sound like a music journalist man. Chill out! Feb 17, 2009
Bill Cohen I've been listening to this song for weeks. I would like to think of the title as "Just Talking, Not walking". If Jakob Dylan is correct in his statement that most of his father's love songs were written to his mother, this one is surely one of the most powerful and mournful dirges concerning Dylan's life. Walking through this weary world of woe, and never letting on what he has been thinking. The song is replete with loneliness and heartache. Worn out from weeping-eyes filled with tears and lips dry. Angry with the people who have betrayed him. The whole world is filled with speculation and comment. Very hard to have the time to contemplate and concentrate and a million people just waiting to jump on you when you're down ("Positively 4th Street"). They will crush you with wealth and power, but he knows that everything has its price. They own you. In his song "Sylvio" he says "I can tell you fancy, I can tell you plain-you give something up for everything you gain." This song could not be more personal regarding his life and suffering than any artist has ever revealed. The depression and anger is palpable. It is though he is saying "Look I did what I did and it's done. I'm not gonna cry to you or have a pity party. It's over. This is the story. I'm tired. I'm 65 years old, still yearning, and I just want to go home. The garden's closed madam, The constant gardner is tired of making your grass green. His life has gone by like a rocket ship. He lost time with his wife. He was working while his children were growing up. It was a whirlwind. At a certain point it is not about the money or fame any more. It is about working as hard as you can just not to be a has-been, living alone in an empty mansion. In his most beautiful love song to Sara, he repeats how sorry he is for the things he did and said, and wants to be with her in the end - "When The Deal Goes Down". When he can come back home, even if it is on the other side of life. "If there is eternity, I'll love you even then" ("The Wedding Song").I think that in this album Bob Dylan has said it all. I would be amazed if he produces another album. He was the voice of a nation. The pulse of America. He does not owe anybody anything. We owe him a tremendous outpouring of thank you's. He took us all through the years with brilliance and dignity. He is more than the Shakespeare of our times. Sep 28, 2006
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