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When the Night Comes Falling from the Sky

(Bob Dylan)

From the album: Empire Burlesque (1985)

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Slumdog. Dylan maybe didn't want to be Springsteen on this record. What's wrong with that. I know I wont be popular but I love this version. By far the best one. I quite like most of this album. Great to hear Dylan experiment and do the unexpected. Sometimes it works and sometimes it dont. Feb 17, 2009
Jeremy Great lyrics, but I really hate this version. It´s like Bob is lost in a nightmare created by 1980:ies MTV. Why on earth didn´t he release the original "E Street-"version, featuring Steven van Zant and Roy Bittan? Because it sounded to much like The Boss? I bet, in 1985, the album would have been a top ten album if it had just a tiny bit of Bruce on it, that´s how big Springsteen was in 1985. Springsteen and van Zant dug up a has been like Gary US Bonds in the early 80:ies and produced to albums for him. I can´t imagine what would have happened if Dylan had chosed to work with van Zant, instead of van Zant´s friend Arthur Baker (the one who, on Dylan´s order, messed up "Empire Burlesque") Jan 07, 2009
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