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Beyond Here Lies Nothin'

(Bob Dylan, Robert Hunter)

From the album: Together Through Life (2009)

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Kevin For me, the song is just simply the unfortunate truth about most relationships. We tend to tare each other apart then we either move on, or grow-up and put the past behind us- somethings got to give, or you are just going to be stuck in misery. Great song. May 19, 2011
who cares The guitar licks roll and fold, twisted under the drum beat like a pleated silk shirt. His voice, aged and smoke-filled, belie the youthful raunch of his thoughts and images. He no longer seeks to retain youth - it has no worth to him, for his view of love is permanently etched, and stained with experience and dread. How many dozens of dark characters has he painted, and how dark is this love? How depressingly existential his view of "love" as a state of life, when driven by raw passion, and its inevitable aftermath of doubt and despair when the passion curves in on itself and turns into jealousy, fear, or negativity. Brilliant and bright, dark and difficult, this is totally Dylan's kind of stuff. Like it or hate it, this song will move you, or at least worry you. Jul 31, 2009
shake this song Rocks May 12, 2009
shamushow Good Song Apr 23, 2009
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