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My Wife's Home Town

(Bob Dylan, Willie Dixon)

From the album: Together Through Life (2009)

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who cares Talk about character portrayals! this is so real, so intimate, and so close to the mind of the poor sot lost in self-pity, lonely and old and forgotten, but not fogetting. Wow, you want to buy this guy a whisky, bear chaser, just to hear more. Sad, but beautiful. Jul 31, 2009
gardenerisgone Can't you just see this guy amble into the joint, he tells anyone who'll listen that he just wants to hear the drummer's cymbal, but then he starts in moaning and bragging about his wife. She's got to be a piece of work, she's got "stuff more potent than a gypsy's curse." Finally he's just cackling to himself, still under the spell of this witch who's made all of us forget about the drummer. May 04, 2009
shamushow Good As Well Apr 23, 2009
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