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(Bob Dylan, Robert Hunter)

From the album: Together Through Life (2009)

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who cares Are you old enough to remember the R&B sound that eventually turned into rock 'n' roll? Well, listen up, cuz here it is, 50-60 years later. Fantastic. Jul 31, 2009
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Track Song
1 Beyond Here Lies Nothin' (Bob Dylan, Robert Hunter)
2 Life Is Hard (Bob Dylan, Robert Hunter)
3 My Wife's Home Town (Bob Dylan, Willie Dixon)
4 If You Ever Go To Houston (Bob Dylan, Robert Hunter)
5 Forgetful Heart (Bob Dylan, Robert Hunter)
6 Jolene (Bob Dylan, Robert Hunter)
7 This Dream Of You (Bob Dylan)
8 Shake Shake Mama (Bob Dylan, Robert Hunter)
9 I Feel A Change Comin' On (Bob Dylan, Robert Hunter)
10 It's All Good (Bob Dylan, Robert Hunter)
Jolene appears on these albums
Year Album
2009 Together Through Life

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