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(Bob Dylan)

From the album: Infidels (1983)

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Arthur Not the greatest Bob Dylan song but I love it anyway, especially the one from The David Letterman Show ! Mar 02, 2016
Tom Great song Nov 13, 2012
Diana Indeed the images do whirl and the song really grew on me the more I listened. However, I have not been able to make much sense of the words--other than images. Of course, Bob does that in a lot of his music. Sep 15, 2009
Bill I believe the Jokerman can be one of a few historical figures, but Gen Custer works best for me. He carried the American Myth to the grave with his old bones. Mar 19, 2009
Shayne Some vague reference to J.C perhaps? Feb 13, 2009
dennis I was in a bar one time and watched 2 folk singers get into a bloody bottle fight over this song. One guy was insisting that it was about Gen George Armstrong Custer, the other guy said he was a fool and it was on! I never saw Jack Elliott move so fast and he was well into his 60's. Knives could've come into play, but cooler heads prevailed, A bottle of Jack was opened and we all went back to singing but it was exciting for a while. Now, about Custer, we know from early tales that Bob has some Indian blood so you never know, who can out-guess the Tambourine man. May 06, 2008
David Dixon This song is stunning. It won't hold still for any consistent analysis, but it touches me. Its images whirl all around. I'm not sure what it means, but it strikes me in the heart; it rings true. Mar 29, 2006
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